We believe that we are all equal members of the same human family, and that regardless of our race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Black Lives Matter
Nasty Folks understand that there has been an intentional effort to leave Black communities powerless at the hands of the state, and that various forms of structural violence deprive Black lives of their basic human rights and dignity. We support the #BlackLivesMatter call to action as a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates American society.
Science is Real
Nasty Folks recognize that science is real, and that it is under attack by the current administration. We believe in evolution, and we know that the data proves that climate change is real.
Women's Rights are Human Rights
Nasty folks are proud feminists who believe that feminism must be intersectional. We understand that sometimes intersectionality can be uncomfortable, but we know that we must be willing to push back against our privilege in order to achieve true and lasting change.
Love is Love
Nasty Folks know that love is love, and that love is beautiful. We believe in equal rights and benefits for members of the LGBTQ community and want their rights protected under the law.
Health Care is a Human Right
Nasty Folks believe that all human beings are entitled to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care. We support the World Health Organization in their stance that universal health coverage is a means to promote the right to health.
No Human is Illegal
Nasty Folks recognize that no human being is illegal and that words matter in our discussion of immigration. We believe that the United States is made better in every generation with the arrival of New Americans.
Urgent Cause
Support NILC in the Wake of Trump's Executive Orders
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We’re a small but growing group of millennials trying to raise money for the National Immigration Law Center in the wake of Trump’s executive orders that ordered the construction of a border wall, increased the number of immigration enforcement officers that carry out deportation, called for stripping sanctuary cities of their funding, suspended the refugee program for 120 days, and barred entry into the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

75% of the proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the NILC, an organization that has been defending and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants since 1979. If last week is any indication, the Trump administration is going to be very hard on immigration, and we need to support those who are helping the next wave of New Americans.

This design is based on a flag from the Texas Revolution that was used as a symbol of defiance by Texians. Let’s show our Republican leaders that if they want our rights, they’ll need to come and take them.

Our Team
We’re a diverse group of techies, artists, teachers, farmers, students, marketers, therapists, and writers unified by our belief that Donald Trump is an authoritarian and psychologically unfit to be president.
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Hi, y’all! My name is Shannon. Nasty Folks came into being as a direct response to President Trump’s (ugh) inauguration. I, like many,

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